“Huting Hanchan” video By Saru Gautam

The new music video the singer Saru Gautam is been published. The song “Sabaile hunting hanchan” is been published on which Tanks Budhathoki wrote the lyrics of the song and he himself composed the music of the song.

Model Sonkia Karki and Naren Khadka is seen as a model on this song which is been directed by Saman Adhikari. Prashant Tamang did the choreography of this song on which the model Sonika is dancing so openly that the expression can be seen on her face seems like she is enjoying a lot. Amrit Sunuwar did the cinematography of this song and the video of this song is been produce by Laxmi Karki.

This song is a dancing song where you can see the model dancing so beautifully and the expression of the girl seems like she is enjoying the song very much. It seems like the boy are following her and she is so beautiful that they are attracted towards her and they are continuously following her and the girl is happy that the boys are following her. She feels like she is so beautiful and the boys are after her and at the end one of the boy took her with him.