If the script is strong I m ready to do Nepali movies : Amir khan

In a press meet on Thursday held by UNICEF in Kathmandu, Amir khan said ” If the script is strong I m ready to do Nepali movies”. Movie does not differ from country to country, its all same. He also said ” For me there is no criterion when it comes to movies”. Visualization and language of any of movie in the world is same.. In the program he also stated that he got Inspiration from his mother than father though his father was a producer. Whatever I learned from my mother is presented in the movies. Situation will not stop him from bringing change in the society. ” As a creative person, being an actor, my responsibility is not only to entertain society but also to bring grace to society, to build the social fabrics, to bring good morals in everyone, to bring out the positivity is what I believe”. On Wednesday he had a trip to kapilvastu and their women asked him cycle and mosquitoes resistance. So, for this he requested UNICEF to provide facilities to them. And he also made an appeal to UNICEF, to take care of the pregnant woman, thier nutrition and volunteers to be send in the villages to know their situation. Amur khan and captain of Nepali cricket team Paras Khadka promulgated a campaign named ” sunaula hazar din”. With best wishes media np.
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