Interview with Actor and Model Paul Shah

From the western Nepal, Dang for the further study entered a young boy who only had a aim to study well after getting into Kathmandu. Except study there was no any dream but recently he has become an actor.

He only had a dream to make his father proud, his father had a dream to make him a major of the police. He had no any force to do work for his study. His family had a good financial condition so he had no reason to work.

But with the time he had a energy to do something, he got a job of video edition and due to his job he got to discuss a lot with his father. His father stopped his pocket money and told that he won’t give it if he will work. His father thought that his job will effect his study but his fate was strong. He started with the video edition but later he turned into actor. He started his journey in a small music video and now he is one of the successful actor and nowadays he has gained the popularity as a good artist.

Here in this video there is a interview with him where you can know the entire story about his journey.