Interview with Model and Singer Jyoti Magar

Jyoti magar is one of the Lok Dohori Singer who came from western Nepal. She started her journey from the song like “Uhi Mulako Sinki, Uhi Mulako Chana”, “Jimaal Bau Ki Chori”. She told that she thought she didn’t thought that people will believe her so she started her songs giving it to sing others. She is a good singer but she established herself as a model. She did modeling on her own songs and later she got offer for different music videos. After she did modeling on song she got lots of offer for other videos as well and she got offer for “Dhade Biralo” and after that she gained popularity.

Here is the video of Jyoti Magar where she has told entire story about her journey. She told that she is a social animal so she will need the society to live with. She has the dream of the happy family and happy life. She tells that even though she gets lots of bad comments in the social site but she always meets a people with love and those people who respect a lot as she is the most demanded singer and concert performing artist. Here is the interview where you can see and hear about her.