Jaba Timi video by Kedar Baruwal Kshetri

Jaba Timi is a beautiful song which shows a love story of a blind girl. It is the feelings when someone cares you, you gonna feel like they loves you and they has the same feelings as you have.

Than you start getting butterflies, you will feel each and every moment so glad that even being so imperfect you got the right person with you. The girl on this video seems to be so happy that she is with the man who cares him and treats him so good. Despite her blindness he was with her every time she needed someone and he used to feel that he too loves her and she was so happy when she used to be around him.

Yubraj Nimukha wrote the beautiful lyrics of this beautiful song where the music is composed by Kalyan Singh and Kedar Baruwal Kshetri felt the melody on this song which is been arranged by Gopal Rasaili. You can see beautiful Alisha Rai and Kedar as a models in this song and they are presenting the story of this song which is been directed by Nitin Chand. Rupesh Khadka felt the colors to this song. Overall the song is very pleasing and it carries the great meaning of love where the expectation doesn’t matches to reality and that is the bitter truth of the life.