JHUM JHAM video by Saugat Ojha,B Star

Jyoti Magar is the most popular and well known names in Nepal. Jyoti Magar is a folk singer and a model who loves getting into controversies. Jyoti Magar is both loved and hated.

Some people love the fact that she is so open and is not shy but some hate her because she is making the folk music industry foul by being to exposing.
Now Jyoti Magar has came up with a new folk item song and the song has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The title of the song is Jhum Jham. The song is a very fun song and it is also an item song which is very new. The music video of the song has been captured at a club.

The singers of the song Jhum Jham are Saugat Ojha and Jyoti Magar. Saugat Ojha himself is the music composer and lyricist ofof the song and artists Jyoti Magar, Bikram Chauhan and Woktani Kid are starring in the music video of the song.