Jo Bina Ek Pal video by Pramod Kharel

Pramod Kharel is among the most popular and well known Nepali singers. The modern singer has many popular and hit songs. Most of his songs are very emotional and related to love and a new song of his has been released.

The title of the new song is ‘Jo Bina Ek Pal’ and it has now been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Music Nepal.

The song is a very emotional song and it is about not being able to spend the life with the love of your life. The popular singer Kharel is trying to express the feeling to a guy who loves a girl through the song. But the twist is that the girl is already married to another guy. The two used to be former lovers and it is clear that they still love each other but because of time and situations, they get apart and are just friends now.

The singer of the beautiful sentimental song is Pramod Kharel. The lyrics of the song have been written by Bimal Adhikari and the music composer of the song is Sagar Birahi. The song is a presentation of Bhawana Music Solutions.