Joonko Chhayalai video by Purnakala BC & Ridam Sherpaili

Joonko Chhayalai is a Nepali sentimental song. This song is very soothing and touching as it resemble the love that is giving pain to two people falling in love. Even when there will be deep and immense love between people sometimes they cannot fix their relationship. Sometimes relationship gets end even when there is deep love between them. Though their absence k!lls they don’t even try to confess and fix everything.

Here in this song too you can see the same, both of them seems to be deeply and madly in love with each other. But lots of thing brings tragic in their story and they are separated and instead of fixing it they are blaming the moon for stealing their love. You can clearly see and feel it on this song.

Narayan KC wrote the lyrics of this song where the music was also composed by him and Purnakala BC & Ridam Sherpaili felt the melody on this song. Ranjita Gurung & Suraj Rawal are the main models on this song and the entire story is based on their love in this video song which is been directed by
Bikram Chauhan.