K!$$ Le Matayo By Raskoti Magar & Puja Magar ft. Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar have indulge with a great problem these days. Her daily life have been messed up with the K!$$. A k!$$ have created a big issue in her life. But this is the emotions of the music video song which has just been released in market. Jyoti have acted in gl@mor and se$$xy way in this new music video song K!$$ Le Matayo.

Jyoti is acting with co-artist Surbir Pandit and Laxman Chaulagain. The music video of the song have been presented in very funny and entertaining way with the direction of Hom Dhital.

This glamorous and fun song have been sang by Raskoti Magar and Puja Magar. They have presented their voice all set with the emot!ons and g!st of the song.Prem Lamichhane Magar have written the lyrics of the song and the music also have been done by himself.

The music video song is all about the entertainment and fun with the recent issues and problems of the society in a h!ll@r!ou$ way.