Kalamko Masile videoby Devi Gharti, Deepak Thapa

God is not fair to all people. Every people doesn’t get what they dream on their life and life is so unpredictable that anything might happen at any time. Here is a song Kalamko Masile which is very touching sentimental song.

This song shows the pain that people are facing and how they are blaming to god. This song is about the two love pairs who were so close to each other and they were so happy with each other but god couldn’t see their happy life and they got a terrific accident where both of them got in*jured. The boy lost his eyes and the girl got problem in her leg. When everything was going so right between them this @ccident turned out their life and they never got the same old life after it.

Saroj Kumar Karki wrote the lyrics of this song where the music is composed by Deepak Thapa Magar and the melody is filled by Devi Gharti and Deepak Thapa. The painful emotions and heartbreaks is shown in this video which is been directed by Dilip Regmi and the artist Dilip and Sapana is carrying the story of this song.