Kanchhi Nachideu video by Udesh Shrestha,Rajeev Sangroula and Mausami

When a girl knows that someone is in love with her she does act and she pretends like she is ignoring and she wants him to try more to get her.

Even though she likes him too she won’t tell or let him know easily. She wants him to do or struggle a lot to convince her. This is the situation of most of the girls and even same thing can be seen on this song as well. The girl is taking a lot to accept the love of the boy. She is happy with that boy but yet she wants him to do more to get her.

Rajeev Sangraula wrote the lyrics and composed the music of this song where Udesh Shrestha arranged the song where he along with Mausami Gurung felt the melody on this song and in this song video you can see a artist like Barsha, Kiran and Sandip where the cinematography of this song is done by Roshan Shrestha and directed by Bibhor Pokharel, edited by Takendra Shah.

Overall the song and the video of this song is very entertaining as well as the love chemistry is strongly shown on this song video.