Kasiyeko Choli video by Bhagawati Upreti

Teej is one of the big festival that is celebrate between the Hindu women. They eat dance and enjoys a lot in this festival coming to the home of their own parents. As it is celebrated every year, on this day women forgets everything and they just enjoy.

And on this occasion yearly the new songs related to this festival is been released and here is one of the Teej song which is been recently released by Music Nepal. In this song Kasiyeko Choli you will find the women dressed in saree and they are decorated by makeup and ornaments and everyone is looking so beautiful. They are singing on a group saying that they wants a man who is not married and who is made just for her.

Bhagwati Upreti wrote the lyrics of this song as the music was also composed by her and you can see Rina Thapa Magar who is the main character of this song video which is been directed by Ratna Joshi. It seems like they were waiting this festival to forget their every problems and get lost on it as you can see in this video how much they are enjoying on it.