Kati Baschhau Tadha video by Basanta Prakriti

Singer Basanta Prakriti is been involved in music since long and her video of the first song from debue album kati baschau tada is been released. On this song there is a word written by Dipak Sharma. Amos Tamang arranged this music video. Uttam Humagain did the cinematography of this video where Nishan Ghimire edited it and the direction was done by Somosh.

This song is filled with the vibes of love and r*omance. In this video you can see young lady dreams about his lover and she got lots of dreams with him and it is shown that the boy too loves her but he never confess it and keeps it inside him. As you can see Hari Humagain and Barsha Raut in this song video which is been managed in the market by vibes creation.

Lots of people doesn’t confess their love even when they knows their answer will be positive. Some scares to confess thinking they will lose them. There are many case when people fails to confess their love to their love ones. In this song video too you can feel the same. The song is very soothing and heart touching filled with lots of love emotions in it.