Keti Tira Dhyan by Rajan Karki & Nisha Pokhrel

A album ‘Keti Tira Dhyan’ has got released recently.This is the first musical gift from Kishan Basyal whi has alsogiven lyrics for the song. The video for the title song ‘Keti Tira Dhyan’ has also been published. This song is presented by Prapti Music Creation.

The song is in the voice of singer Rajan Karki & Nisha Pokhrel. The lyrics has been arranged by Prem sagar Poudel.The music composer for the song is by Rajan Karki. The video of the song has got Reshmi, Kishan, Syal Budha, Resham Firiri.

This song is the comedy folk duet songs. you can see many comedy events within the music video.The video has been shot by Shambhu Chalise and edited by Rabin BK.The video has been directed by Shiva BK.