Khasyo Pirati video by Yam Lama

A very touching and lovely Nepali folk song has been uploaded on YouTube. The title of the song is Khasyo Pirati and it is a very sentimental love song.

The song is expressed by a lover. Through the song he is trying to share all the feeling, emotions that he is going through just because the love of his life left him. He and his partner were very happy. He loves her very much but the girl left him after she found someone with more money. Not only that she started ignoring him and acted as if she has not seen him.

The singer of the sentimental song is Yam Lama. The music of the song has been composed by Basanta Thapa and singer Yam Lama himself has written the lyrics of the song. The director of the music video is Prakash Bhatta. The music video contains cinematography by Karan Chaisir and has been edited by Bishnu Sharma. The producer of the music video is singer himself and model Binod Shrestha & Rima Rai Lama are starring in the music video.