Khayo Dhido Halliyo Hidyo video by Tejas Regmi & Devi Gharti

Khayo Dhido Hallyo Hidyo is a Nepali Lok Dohori song which is very entertaining. In this song the life style of Nepali Youngsters is focused. The youngsters are getting so lazy that their work is just to eat and roam here and there.

They has no work except pampering themselves. In this video the life of the villagers is shown where the young people there in village spends their time just roaming and girls doing makeups and snapping the pictures whereas the old people seems to be working all the time. They themselves in this song telling that their habit is getting worst day by day and they are getting lazy where they has no work except eating and roaming. Even they has no energy to wash the dishes eaten by their own but they have time to roam entire village.

Such a entertaining song is written by Tejas Regmi and the music is composed by him where the melody is filled by Tejas and Devi Gharti. You can see the comedy acts on this video by the artist Bani Raj Regmi and Reshma Timilsina (Bunu Maichya) where Prakash Bhatta directed this music video.