This is how King Tribhuwan escaped to New Delhi

Hundred years ago Nepal was ruled by the Ranas. The king was the most important position but still Ranas were the most powerful and the king actually has no power at all. In 2007 King Tribhuwan Shah had to escape to India, New Delhi with his wife and family.

At the time a strike was being conducted in Nepal under the leadership of Congress Nepal for democracy in the country. King Tribhuwan had to escape so suddenly because he said something against the Ranas as he himself was slaved by them and wanted freedom for the country and himself. This was not accepted by the Ranas and the king became a prisoner in his own country which forced him to escape from Nepal and go to India through air. He directly went to New Delhi from the Indian embassy situated in Nepal through helicopter.

King Tribuwan stayed in Ind for 3 and a half months as a refugee. He only returned back in Nepal on 4th of Falgun after there was a three way agreement between the Ranas, The King and Nepal congress. After returning in Nepal from Delhi, he declared democracy in Nepal.