Kohi Pani Tadha Hudaina video By Ram Karki Ft.Shilpa & Pushpa

No one wish to leave their family and beloved in hoe country and live all alone life in an unknown country. But, it’s a compulsion of life. You must leave them in a home country and go for unknown country to make the coming future secure and safe for the sake of all.

This all mistress circumstances of life and family have been portrait in a new music video song “Kohi Pani Tadha Hudaina”. This somehow real story of our society have been sang by Ram Karki. Dipak Rijal have written the lyrics of this song with the reality transformation in his words. Ram Karki have turned this lyrics into music and arranging of the song also have been done by himself.

Raj Kafle have directed the music video of this song. Shilpa Pokhrel, Pushpa, Dipak and Saru are being featured in this music video where they are playing a character in very alive form. Gyanendra Sharma have done the cinematography of the music video and Santosh Rajbahak have choreographed it. Nishan Ghimire have edited the music video with the presentation of Anil Rajopadhayaya.