This is how LPG Gas cylinders are made

We are very familiar to LPG gas cylinder. We use them in our kitchen every single day to cook food and do other things.

Not only that but LPG gas cylinders also used in winter in heaters and many other devices. We are very used to using it but have you ever though how the cylinder are made or how they are constructed?
Have we ever thought what things are used to make the cylinder or what kind of machines are used to make a single one of it?

Well if you have then a new video has been uploaded on a YouTube channel called Rok TEKNİK. The video shows a a gas cylinder is manufactured and is made ready to make it to our houses. It is a video of a foreign gas being manufactured but the process is pretty much the same.

In the video you can see how a piece of metal is molded and cut into different shape and size and later they are joined together to make a gas cylinder. The video also shows the painting and testing process of the gas cylinders.