MA TA GAUKI KALI by Rupa Gharti Magar

MA TA GAUKI KALI is an entertaining song on which you can see a pampered girl of the village who used to be loved by the entire village as she was one of the most beautiful girl of that village and everyone used to call her “Kali”.

This song is very beautifully created on which you can see how the cultures and tradition is being reflected on this song. As the village girls are called innocent ones and so she is being the innocent girl and one of the boy is in love with her so deep. He is following her. He is chasing her in her each and every way and she is feeling that it normal as she is getting habitual to such activities.

Krishna Roka wrote the lyrics of this song where the music is composed by Govinda Madhur Acharya and Rupa Gharti Magar gave her melody on this song. Jharna BC, Birendra Nagabag is the main models in this song which is been directed by Kapil Lama and edited by Sujan Shahi. This song carries a beautiful story about a beautiful and pampered village girl. She herself praise that she is the most beautiful and everyone gets attracted towards her.