Malai birsera video by Swaroop Raj Acharya

Channel 4 Nepal has presented a brand new modern sentimental Nepali song and the song has also been uploaded on official YouTube channel of Channel 4 Nepal. The title of the new Nepali modern song is Malai Birsera and it is a very sad and heart touching love song.

The song is about two lover and the [email protected] they have about losing each other. The singer tries to express the feeling of a guy who is scared of loosing the girl her loves the most and forgetting him through the song.

The singer of the song is Swaroop Raj Acharya. The lyrics of the song have been written by Dipendra Nepal and the music composer of the song is Ashok Thapa. The music video of the song has been directed by Gyandra Koirala. The music video of the song also contains cinematography by Sagar Poudel and it has been edited by Suresh Raut. Artists Dinesh Jung, Mina and Shankar are starring in the music video of the modern song.