Manko Raja Khojdai video by Melina Rai Ft.Unica Gurung & Kumar Angdembe Abi

Kaha Chhau Kaha is a beautiful Nepali song which is very soothing and heart touching. This song talks about the dream boy which a girl sees on her dream and she wants her in the real life. People often see someone in their dream, they dreams to be loved and when they see such person they wants to meet them in real life and have a future with them.

Same thing is happening with the girl in this song. She is happy to see the same person on her life and she wants to dream about him every day and she even wants him to come on her real life.

His dream makes her happy and lost and she assumes how would her life be if he will come in her real life and she says that she is been searching for the same dream boy. Such a beautiful song is written by Kumar Angdembe Abi and the melody is filled by Melina Rai, who is one of the popular Nepali singer as well.

Tara Prakash Limbu composed the music wher Shahas Shah arranged it.Unica Gurung & Kumar Angdembe Abi are seen as the main models on this song. Their love is shown on this video which is been directed by Anil Singh Rajput. Cinematography is done by Khagendra Pandhak Limbu.