Marchhu Sajilai by Kiran Gajmer

Music video of new song by singer and actor Babu Bogati has been released. The title of the song is ‘Marchu Sajilai’ and it is number of album ‘Pauju’ and the music video o the song which features acting by the actor and singer Babu himself has been released.

The lyrics of the song have been written by new writer Saurav Timilsina. In the music video of the song, singer and actor Babu Bogati is featured along side actress Keki Adhikari.

In the music video of the song, doctor has given Babu only 6 months to survive because of a certain former disease which had not been fully cured and resulted in a life threatening one. Babu have been shown as the patient in the music video. The singer of the song is Kiran Gajmer who is also the musician of the song and the music video of the song has been directed by Suraj Shrestha.

This is the song that has been incorporated in the first album of new lyricist Saurav Timilsina. Saurav who has came to Nepal from Bhutan because of country’s politics is now in the USA. Despite living as a refugee in Nepal for couple of months, he has a very deep relation with Nepali music.