Mutu Bhariko Maya video by Purnakala BC and Bhakta Darlami

Mutu Bhariko Maya is a Nepali Lok Dohori song which is very pleasing and the love scenario is seen on this song video. When people are in love with each other, they feels like they has no another world except the one they loves. They loves to spend their time with their beloved and they gives all of them to the one they loves the most. They starts to decorate the colorful life with their love ones with lots of happiness.

In this song too the love between the artist Bhakta and Sapana is shown. Their love seems very deep and they are very happy with each other. They have given all of their life to each other. They both loves each other and are very protective towards each other. Deepak Darlami wrote the lyrics of this beautiful song which carries the love and affection between the love couples here. Purnakala BC and Bhakta Darlami gave the melody to this song which sounds very pleasing. Bidhan Karki composed the music of this song video.

The song video contains full of love chemistry between the couples and this is directed by Kumar KC.