Napattaya Chiri Hera video by Anju Panta

Napattaya Chiri Hera is a Nepali love song which is very touching and soothing and the lyrics of this song is beautifully created.

With the love there will be insecurities, doubts in between and when the love gets deep this also gets deeper and there comes lots of misunderstanding and trust issue in between.

Loving someone is not easy but fulfilling the deeds being in love is more difficult. In this song too you can see a boy being so insecure and the girl is trying hard to prove that he is her only one. She wants him to trust her and how much people are after her she only loves him and she belongs just to him. She is trying to make him clear and she is showing all her love in this song video. the deep and true love can be seen between them as they don’t want to get away from each others.

Such a wonderful lyrics of this song is created by Ek Narayan Bhandari and the melody on this song is filled by Anju Panta as she is very popular with her melodic voice. Nandita Kc and Ram Saud Chhetri is seen as a main model on this song as the entire story of this song is based on them and the video is directed by Shiva BK.