Nepal in the first list among world’s top 10 divine country for tourism

Nepal has been enlisted in the first number among world’s top  10 divine country for tourism in this year. Travel guide and reference book of Rough Guide, UK  has published  the world’s top 10 list of countries to visit in 2016 AD.

Nepal is in first place on this top 10 list. It has reported that  Nepal’s Tourism Industry is gradually raising up after the devastating earthquake of Baisakh 12  and it’s aftershocks. Rough Guide has stated that trekking routes, home Stay and cultural center are   Nepal’s main tourist attractions. It has also reported that the spiritual  welcome from  Nepali citizens’ and behavior of Nepalese are also other aspects of  Nepalese tourism sector. It is the main best place for tourism with mountain series,wild animals and the diversity of the forest.

Colombia is in the second place of Rough Guide 10 countries. Cuba third, Jordan fourth , Albania fifth,  Romania sixth, El Salvador seventh,  Wales eighth, Kenya ninth and Sri Lanka tenth in a row.