Nepali short film “Dai Navannu La”

Dai Navannu La is a Nepali short film which is very comedy. This film is based on entertainment. In this film you can see a boy as a main character.

This film was made in abroad as you can see the abroad scenario. He was driving his car and he was so disappointed that he couldn’t have any girlfriend.

And as he was thinking it he see one girl on his way who was waiting for vehicle to go her college and it was too late that she was about to miss her class. He stopped and asked her if he could drop him and she agreed to come along with him and than she came with him as they were in the same car, the girl didn’t talk anything and she was silent all the way but the boy was planning his future with her, he was thinking to approach her.

Than the destination of the girl comes and she told him to wait there as he college came there but she mentioned him as a brother. The boy got so hurt and angry that he kept the girl inside the car and took him to that same place from where he picked her up.