New Nepali Comedy Video Customer vs Shop keeper

Customer is god. In shops customers are respected and are served in the best way possible. Shop keepers try to impress and please their customers so that they come back to their shop again.

But there are many shops around us where the surrounding is not the same. There are some shop keepers who treat customers like nothing and act as if they are wasting their time.

A new comedy video has been uploaded on YouTube channel called enjoy Nepal. The video is very funny as a boy rants about his experience with a very annoying shop keeper. A man is sitting in his shop and is talking on phone. He is saying how the photo of person on the other line with Jyoti Magar got thousands of likes. The man even says that he is very excited and that is when the boy comes. He gives the shop keeper money and asks for 2 kg sugar. The shop keeper takes the money and starts to talk on the phone again.

He says that he will also take photo with Archana Paneru and upload it in Facebook and get hundreds of likes. He brags that he has bought a new phone. The boy on the other hand is asking for sugar but the shop keeper tells him to wait. He again starts to says that he has even got internet connection in his home so now he can watch those $e*y videos on YouTube.

The customer keeps on talking to him but the man keeps on ignoring. At the end the customer runs off with his money and does not buy anything. But the man on the other hand again complains that customer are impatient and he is not earning any thing now.