New Nepali Folk song “Kt Patyaune” By Khuman Adhikari and Ritika Kunwar

New Nepali folk video song “Kt Patyaune” by Aashish Music Pvt. Ltd. is now available on music Nepal official You Tube channel and social media sites for all the music lovers. Singers of this latest Nepali video song are Khuman Adhikari and Ritika Kunwar.

The beautiful words are written by Ramesh BG and matching as well aas heart taking music is composed by Khuman Adhikari.This song is about love and methods of impressing whom we loved.

In the music video song ‘’Kt Patyaune’’ Shankar B C and Ritika Kunwar are as love couple directed by Shankar B C where as Nabin Gharti Magar is a editor of this latest video song. Production and Distribution of this song are under Aashish Music Pvt. Ltd.