New Nepali Lok Dohori “Bichhod Ko Ghau”

Saradha Music Private Limited presented a heart touching and sentimental Nepali lok dohori song with Dhurba Lohani title ‘Bichodako Ghau’ is about the feelings after the love relationship break. This song was released on 27 February, 2017 through social sharing online site YouTube from the official subscribe channel of Music Nepal Private Limited. This song can also be use by Nepali music lovers in their mobile cell phone as caller ring back tunes.

Singers of this latest Nepali sentimental song are Chandan Oli and Tulsi Gharti where the heart touching, marvelous and alluring lyrics are written by Dhurba Lohani with the sentimental, matching and comfort music composition of Chandan Oli. Audio of this song is recorded and copy right under Saradha Music Private Limited.

In the video of this song, small artists are featuring as close friend who want to share their future life becoming as husband and wife. But the family of girl never accept their relationship. As time passes, they become adult and these adult characters are filled by Niruta Shahi Thakuri and Ran Bhadur directed by Sirjan Baral. Cinematographer and editor of this song are Mukesh Humagaina and Pradip Dahal respectively.