New nepali lok dohori song “Maya Basla Feri” by Ramji Khand and Bhawana Acharya

Nepali lok dohori or mean to say that Nepali folk song are the property of Nepal because folk song are the traditional as well as cultural song. In occasion and any other ceremony, in village area, people make the two groups of boys and girls, start playing a game through folk song. This tradition are making nowadays in music video.

Following the tradition of Nepali folk song, Bindhabasini Music Private Limited presented a music video song with Bhawana Acharya title ‘Maya Basla Feri’ through social sharing online site YouTube on 16 March, 2017. Singers of the song are Bhawana Acharya and Ramji Khad. This song include marvelous, alluring and diving lyrics of Shiv Hamal, who also composed matching as well as comfort music. Production and distribution of this song is made under the banner of Bindhabasini Music Private Limited.

In the video of this latest Nepali folk song “Maya Basla Feri”, Babbu Thapa and Bhawana Acharya are starring as leader of the group directed by Babbu Thapa. Cinematographer and editor of this music video song are Pawan Gautam and Prabin Bhatta respectively. Post production of the song is done by Ekta Flims Private Limited.