New Nepali Lok Dohori Song Police Wala Video by Sandeep Neupane

Latest Nepali lok dohori music video song presented by Ambika Music Private Limited about the life of Nepal police and their duty towards the nation as well as people title ‘Police Wala 2’ is now available at social sharing online sites and market too. Production, distribution and all legal terms and condition of this song are made under the banner of Ambika Music Private Limited. Through the official subscribe YouTube channel of Music Nepal, this song was released on 17 January, 2017.

Singers of this latest Nepali music video song ‘Police Wala 2’ are Sandeep Neupane and Mandavi Tripathi, most popular and acceptable singer of Nepali music. Alluring divine and beautiful lyrics of this song are written by Karan Neupane who also composed matching and comfort music for the song.

In the video many different artists are featuring like Namrata Sapkota, Srishan, Durga, Krish, Prakash, Govinda and Serji with other different star-cast. These all artists are directed by Shiwan Pokharel. Cinematographer and editor of this latest video song are Ajay Regmi and Adhinayak Man Serchan respectively. Post production of this song is done by Sahara Films and Entertainment Private Limited.