New Nepali Song “Yetibela Unilai”

Latest Nepali sentimental, marvelous and love song presented by Music Nepal with the ‘A Roproduction Flims private limited of United Kingdom title “Yetibela Unilai” is now available at market and social sharing online sites. This song was released on 8 March, 2017 through the social sharing online site, YouTube from the official subscribe channel of Music Nepal Private Limited.

Singer of this latest Nepali heart touching love song ‘Yetibela Unilai’ is Narayn Dhakal where the marvelous, sentimental and heart touching lyrics are written by Thakit Yatri. With the very sentimental lyrics, similar matching and comfort music is composed and arranged by Narayan Dhital and Maharaj Thapa respectively. In the video of this song, Narayan Dhital, Shanti Bhatta, Shivam Dhital and Sudarshan Ghimire ares tarring as various character as their role and as per the story and theme of song. These all artists are directed by Dipesh Regmi.

In the video, a woman is facing health problems at first scene who have a handsome husband and small son. One day, bl)od appears from her nose while sleeping. They consult with doctors. Husband tried more to save his wife for baby but unable.