New Secret revealed: Who $h)t prince Dipendra?

The eye witnesses and the victims had claimed at the high-level committee that during the Royal M@$$acre, no one had used gun except prince Dipendra.
In today’s news of Nepal Weekly- This is mentioned in the description signed by former king, Paras, Kumar Gorakh Shamsher and Dr. Rajib to the committee. Paras and Gorakh Shamsher has even mentioned in on news mediums. But the truth about who shot prince Dipendra was kept a secret. The person who saw him being shot is still publicized. Paras told the committee, ‘Brother cam running. He $hot himself’.

But through behavior he did not show that he saw his brother sh))ting himself. He said, ‘The inc!dent is done. Everyone has fallen. But I never though the prince has shot himself. My mind was focused on how to control him. He might have taken more time if nothing has happened to him. We were seeing it slowly. He heard gun sh*ts from the stairs that go to the garden of Billiard sitting. We saw him on the basis of the sound.’

Even the committee was not able to show reliable proof that the prince sh*t himself. Even the experts are not agreeing that he used the same gun that he k!*lled his father with to k!*ll himself. Some claim that a $ecurity worker might have sh)t him to being the surrounding under control.
source: nepal saptahik