News December 11, 2016 “Balatkar”

It is said mother and the children relation is the purest relationship. There is the love and affection between them. Mother does a lots of sacrifice to raise her children and she never compromise with the happiness of her child. She gives her proper education and tries to establish them as a civilized person of the society.

But here is the news that is very shocking and this is the news which is not much expected by people. It is hard to believe that own son raped his mother. The mother who gave him life and raised him up. He did such a cruel thing to his mother, which is very shameful thing that anyone could ever hear.

This is the incident that happened in Gorkha, where 46 years old mother was r*@ped by her adult son. It is said that even relatives has hand on this but he was her own son who did such wrong thing with her. This incident happened at 4 in the day where all people were awake but no one could help her. But now the son is on prison and it is said that he will be there for life time but the mother would suffer more than her son. Here is the news video on which you can hear such thing which is real.