Nirdoshimai video By Radhika Bista Ft. Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki is going through lots of torture and torment in Foreign land these days. She is being abused and ill treated by unknown people in an unknown pace. She have gone for foreign land with the hope of more prosperity and secure future, but the reality have stun her and have given a unbearable suffering.

Actually, this is what happening to Priyanka Karki in her new music video song. She have been playing a role of poor and pity girl, who have traveled far away from her home just to give secure future for family and own. And she is portraying how these poor and pity girls are being ill treating with lots of abuse. This video of Priyanka is all about a girl and women who are being trafficked and leaving motherland as a bread earner for family. Radhika Bista have lent her voice in this educational song and she herself have made the lyrics and music of the song.

Deepak Bajracharya have arranged the song. Nikesh Khadka have given his effort to show the exact meaning and emotion of song in the music video by his direction. Beside Priyanka, Binod Paudel,Pawan Shakya, Jordan Rajbhanari,Samir Gautam,Sanvi Baniya and Saira have been featured in the music video. Camera man is Arjun Tiwari and editing is of Himal Joshi.