How often do you have Ketchup?

We all know the wonderful taste of momo or french fries or samosa when dipped into tomato ketchup.Even thinking it probably makes our mouth watery, isn;t it?But every coin has two part and every thing has two side than can be seen.And the ketchup you have also have both good and bad effects.
This ketchup makes the food even more tastier but it also have positive and negative impact in your health.This only differs in the way of using it.Some of the benefits that ketchup have in health are as follow:
1.Prevent from cancer of sperm gland
Having 3-4 times tomato ketchup in a week can actually help men to stay away from cancer of sperm gland.The antioxidant as lycopene present in tomato help to prevent from this cancer in men.
2.Increase the amount of $perm in men
Lycopene which give red color to tomato also helps in increasing fertility in men too.According to researches it was found that lycopene can increase amount of $perm in men by 70% and also remove the abnormal $perm$.
3.Helps to decrease cholesterol
According to the research done by scientist of Finland they found that ketchup can help to remove unwanted cholesterol from the body.
4.Increase vision power of eyes
Along with vitamin C ketchup also got vitamin A because of which effect our immunity system positively and also increase vision power of eyes.

It is said that more sugar too taste bitter.This means that the good things when used enormously can show bad effects.These are some points which indicates how harmful is ketchup in our health:
1.High blood pressure
The salt present in it when used more stops the blood flow in the artery of heart which increase blood pressure in the body.Due to this it may lead to heart attack.
2.Increase weight
Ketchup do not only have tomato.It also got juice of corn as sweetener. This initiate to increase in weight.
3.Some are allergic to it
Due to the sugar added in it some are allergic to it where side effects like nausea, vomiting and tiredness can be seen.