Patthar Ko Man video by Bharat Rai

This song is very soothing and touching as it resemble the love that is giving pain to two people falling in love. Even when there will be deep and immense love between people sometimes they cannot fix their relationship. Sometimes relationship gets end even when there is deep love between them. Some people does a lot in love but nothing happens to them. They sacrifice a lot but they are never appreciated and blamed instead and this lead a break and that results the heart break. They just gets regret in their life.

This song is very sentimental and it carries the emotion on it. In this song video you will find the result of misunderstanding. When misunderstanding and trust issues comes in between relation everything gets away, the relationship gets so weak and that breaks. Sometimes some people does a lot in relationship and another just gets un-loyal and cheats their partner.

Similarly in this song too you can feel the same, boy loves the girl too much but she doesn’t see anything and breaks the relation and gets in relationship with someone else. Binod Basnet wrote the lyrics of this beautiful song where the melody is filled by Bharat Rai James Bc, Rozi and Anish are the main models in this song where the story is based on them