WHY PIR MAYALAI video by Sanjeet Tamang Chumi & Mamila Lama Chumi

Music Nepal presents a Nepali song “Why Pir Mayali” which is a r*om@ntic song filled with love vibes. This song is very entertaining and the music beats on this song is filling more entertainment on this song. In this song you can see how the both side love is been exposing.

Boy tells that he is coming to her nearby so that she doesn’t need to take any pressure and similarly girl tells that anyone will be insecure and tensed when her beloved gets far from her, she might feel like he might got someone else and he might love someone else. This is like a debate song but the debate is just for love. It seems like they both are very deep in love with each other as the lyrics sounds the same. Sanjeet Tamang Chhumi wrote the lyrics of this song as the music was also composed by him and the female voice in this song is of Mamila Lama Chumi.

Everyone gets insecure where they will be in long distance relationship, they might feel like the distance might change them and they gets worried as no one wants their love gets devoted to something else.