Plastic bottle can be used to make the spoons and cups

Everyone throws the plastic bottle after its use. Some of them caring the environment throw it to the residential area throwing it from the road. Some of them re use those bottles. But many of us are not aware that the bottle that is used once can be made different plastics stuffs.

Here in this above video you can see the same things. Here with the plastics bottles many things are been done. The waste bottles are been utilized in some of the ways. The bottles here have been recycled. Here there is a man in the video with 5 awesome tricks that can be done with the plastics bottles. This video is very entertaining as well as amazing. The plastics are being utilized repeatedly and they are not that useless that you can see those tricks that is done with the bottles here in this video.

This is the official channel of Roman UrsuHack where he will teach how to make hand made crafts and all. You can see how amazingly he has made the spoons from the bottles there. He also has taught a very easiest way that you can play with the bottles that has no use in your home.