Pramod Kharel song compilation

Pramod Kharel is among the most popular Nepali modern singers. The singer is very talented and his songs are very melodious and beautiful. The singer’s songs are very beautiful and related able which makes him among the most demanded singers in Nepal. The singer is very popular and his music videos get thousands of views on the internet.

Now official YouTube channel of Music Nepal has uploaded a compilation of the most popular songs of modern singer Pramod Kharel. The video has been titled as ‘Best Of Pramod Kharel Juke Box’ and it has already gained more than thousand views. The video is almost minutes long and 8 popular songs of the singer has been compiled into the video. The 8 songs are ‘Sakdina ma’, ‘Malai Maya Gara’, ‘Timi Risauda’, ‘Timi Mero Hunu Parcha’, ‘Sathamai Timi’, ‘Dherai Base Parkhaima’, ‘Timi Sanga Euta’ and ‘Dhoka Diyau Timilai’. The songs are very beautiful and are very popular song of Pramod Kharel.