Priyanka karki Valentine’s Surprise

Multi-national company or industry, Coca-cola offers different schemes for the people and their customers. Last time, on the occasion of Valentine’s day, this company offers to meet with most versatile and talented actress Priyanka Karki. She is a brand ambassador of Coca-cola for Nepal and also most popular actress of Nepali movie industry.

This time coca-cola offers to give surprise for the girlfriend’s who ordered mo:mo at particular restaurant. Those love couple who ordered mo:mo at particular restaurant, waiter give a letter with menu book on the hand of boy which is covered by that menu book. Boy read the letter from Priyanka Karki and ask excuse with his girlfriend. At the kitchen of restaurant, Priyanka Karki is waiting that boy for making mo:mo. Boy can easily make mo:mo for his girlfriend.

After completion of making food, Priyanka Karki goes in front of that boy’s girlfriend and said that she have surprised for her. Every girl become so excited for the surprise from Priyanka Karki. Later she called boy and show the surprise. This scheme of coca-cola is named as “Coca-cola Mo:Motsav Valentine’s Surprise”.