Purba Pashchim Rail video by Rajan Raj Shiwakoti and Anju Panta

The first song of the film “Chhakka Panja” which is been directed by Deepa Shree Niraula is been released. From the YouTube the song “Purba Pashchim Rail” is been released. This film will be released on Bhadra 24 and on this song there is the melodious voice of Raja Shiwakotu and Anju Panta.

The lyrics of this song is also composed by Rajan Shiwakoti where the music was also composed by him. From this song it was believed that they could get the positive response of the people and the same labor and dedication is seen on this song. From this song we can assume that the film is based on entertainment and in this film we can see the love story along the entertainment.

In this film we can see the artist like Priyanka Karki, Deepak Raj Giri, Buddhi Tamang, Jeetu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire. They have the different roles and chrracteres on this film.
In this song too you can see most of the artist where Priyanka Karki is performing a beautiful dance on this song along with her beautiful expression. This film seems to be like the story on village area and in this film we can see the story about the real life and the little parts can be seen on this song as well.