Purnakala BC & Bikram Thapa Dohori Song Yesari Bhet

Latest Nepali dancing type of lok dohori song presented by Bindhabasini Music with Krishna Karki title ‘Yesari Bhet Hamro’ is about the time and human life that we have to spend with friends and fimaly. This song is released on 21 February, 2017 through social sharing online site, YouTube from the official subscribe channel of Bindhabasini Music. This song include all parts of Nepal from East to West.

Singers of this latest Nepali lok dohori beautiful and dancing number song are Bikram Thapa and Purnakala B.C. Beautiful, marvelous and divine with alluring lyrics are written by Krishna Karki where matching and comfort with acceptable music is composed by Santosh Kumar Bastola. Audio and video of this latest song are made under the banner of Bindhabasini Music.

In the video of this latest song, Shanker B.C and Karishma Dhakal are starring as very close friend who like each other with many other side artists. These all artists are directed by Shanker B.C. Cinematographer and editor of this latest music video are Rajesh Ghimire and Bishnu Sharma respectively. Post production of this song is done by Bindhabasini Films Private Limited.