Ramailo, Its Saturday video

Friendship is the greatest relationship we share. This is the relationship that we choose, and there is the truth in such relation. When someone gets sad hurt, there will be the friends who will pick them up. Though they will be young kids or adult or old age people they will need friends.

Here is the song ” Ramailo” which is very beautiful. Here you can see two little girl showing their friendship through this song. Everyone loves Saturday, as it is the day when school or college gets closed and they celebrate holiday on this day. Here too two beautiful girls are enjoying Saturday, because they are able to spend time with each other on this day and have a good time together.

Archu Pandey and LKRPB are the singer on this song as they are shown in the video. They are sharing their words of friendship with each other. It seems like they are best friend since very long. Archu Pandey composed the lyrics of this song and Buddha Sayami cinematographed this video song. Sangita Rayamjhi brought out the concept on this song which is been edited by Dipesh Sunuwar and D&R creation. Overall this song defines the beautiful friendship.