Rampyari Nepali Movie Official Trailer Ft. Rekha Thapa

Actress Rekha Thapa’s movie “Rampyari” has released their second trailer. Rampyari is in the preparation of it’s all Nepal release on Chaitra 26. This movie is collecting lots of attention in the market recently.

The release date of Chabiraj Ojha’s ” Kismat 2″ has postponed all because of Rekha’s “Rampyari”. In the first trailer of the movie much actions were seen but this second trailer is showing some dialogues and action along with the lead actors Aashma DC,and Avash Adhikari.

The publicity of the movie says that the movie is about women empowerment. However, the second trailer of the movie is showing that the men and women both are equal. Shabir Shrestha directed this movie also contains the lead actor Sabin Shrestha.