Saath Samundra Pari video by Jyoti Sharma Ft.Sapana Singh Thakuri

The festival of Hindusm “Teej” is knocking the door. Most of the married women are waiting this festival so that they could go to their mother’s house and eat the varieties cooked by their mother.

Before marriage this festival doesn’t mean anything to them but after marriage this festival brings lots of happiness and lots of pain as well in their life.

Here in this song we can hear the feelings of a daughter who is married but she is happy with her husband and his family. She tells that she will be enjoying this teej with her mother in law and she would come next year and not to wait her and see her way. Kumar Bibahit Upreti wrote this song as the melody on this song is filled by Jyoti Sharma. Sanjay Hamal arranged this song video. Shivan Pokharel and Sapana Singh Thakuri are the main artist of this song video which is been directed by Shivan Pokharel as Ajaya Regmi did the cinematography of this video which is been edited by Adhinayak Man Sherchan.

This song is very entertaining as you can see happy daughter dancing on this song and praising her husband and his family.