Sagai Jiune Marne video by Pramod Kharel

Sangai Jiune Marne is a very beautiful Nepali song filled with lots of sentiments on it. This song shows the people who are destroyed in love. We feel love and we start decorating lots of dreams about future and we start to get habitual to them and it gets so hard to be without them and when there comes the time of departure which is out of mind gets us broke and makes us mad sometimes and sometimes people destroy themselves.

Here in this song too you can see the same, two boys and girls were happy together but certainly there came a moment where the story got twisted. They were thinking to share their life together but the girl deceived the boy and another boy too deceived his girl for each other. They both couldn’t tolerate this and it ended so bad.

Such a beautiful lyrics is written by Rohit Ghimire, music was composed by Ramesh Shrestha and the melody in this song is filled by the re-known singer Pramod Kharel. Rohit Ghimire, Alisha Bastola , Dipak Shrestha & Anu Rai are the main artist on this song on which the story is depend. Video of this song is directed by Suwas Sankalpa, edited by Dibash Subedi and cinematography is done by Nick Bista.