“Sapana Dekhthe Timro Sadhai” video by Sugam Pokhrel and Shreya Sotang

Latest Nepali modern pop love song presented by Vibes Creation Private Limited with most popular modern pop singer, Sugam Pokharel and Shreya Sotang, a daughter of Uday and Malina Sotang title “Sapana Dekhthe Timro Sadhai” is released on 3 March, 2017 through social media online site, YouTube. This song is categorized as modern pop love song about a love couple who always see the dream of each others.

Singers of this latest Nepali song are Sugam Pokharel and Shreya Sotang and this song includes the alluring, beautiful and marvelous lyrics of Kamana Adhikari. Jivesh Sedhai is a musician who composed matching and comfort music for the song where music arranger is Shailendra Man Pradhan.

In the video of this latest video song, Niranjan Pradhan and Bhawana are starring as love couple who are handsome and beautiful. These both artists are directed by Shreedhar Paudel where cinematographer and editor are Hari Humagain and Nishan Ghimire respectively. This is very marvelous song for the newly made love couple by Sugam Pokharel and Shreya Sotang.