Sarita Lamichhane got out of frame of Rishi Lamichhane after disagreements

Medianp – Sarita Lamichhane is a very much seen face in the small screen at some time. Her lively acting was also seen in some big screen movies. But it has been long since she has been seen in any bid or small screen. Even thought she got lost from the screen, she is not lost in the views and hearts of the viewers. That is why Lamichhane is planning to make a comeback through a small screen.
Dreams of country shattered, acting a sweet coincidence:
Very disciplined as a child, Lamichhane wanted to be a good person from childhood. Raised in the culture and tradition of grandparents, everyone used to say that she would become an actress. But Sarita’s dream was not to act on screen. She used to dream of becoming a teacher and give lectures. Eventually her dream was won over by the prediction of the villagers. Not everybody’s dream come true. Sarita’s dream to become a teacher also shattered. Sarita takes her acting journey as a sweet coincidence in her ife.
This sweet coincidence was made possible in her life by director Tulasi Ghimire. At the time Ghimire had offered roles to some hit and famous actors in his teleserial ‘Mukti’. But the role in the teleserial was received by Lamichhane. This was the first turning point in her acting career. Her husband Rishi Lamichhane also has a huge hand to make it possible for her to start her journey in acting which is very far from her dreams.
Actual life is cultural:
In majority of roles played by Sarita, we see her perform as a cultural woman. She claims to be very cultural in her actual life too. But she understands that a person’s culture lies in their behavior and not in their outfits.
Satisfied with small screen:
Sarita who has acted in many small screen teleserials has also acted in some big screen movies. But she is very much satisfied with her small acreen acting career. Since she started her acting career through small screen, she takes small screen as her roots.
We have lost humanity
At some times emotional teleserial like ‘Mukti’, ‘Parichaya’, ‘Karuna’, ‘Indrawati’ were very popular and now there is madness for comdey serials like ‘Tito Satya’, ‘Bhadragol’ and others. Emotional serials have stopped to air. Sarita thinks that people now have left emotions behind and want to laugh more, this also might be the reason that emotional serial have disappeared. Humanity is people is fading as compared to before. Comedy plots are made comparing the burning smell of the dead body with barbeque while visiting the graveyard. She believes that because of these the sorts of serial that Lamichhane acts in have disappeared.
Love medium to survive:
Love is such a thing, without which nothing can be made. Love does not just lie between boy and a girl or husband and wife. Living being must have love compulsory.
Love marriage before acting career:
Sarita who plays the role of a very obedient female on screen got into love marriage. But she got married without breaking her limits like in the current love affairs. Sarita who claims to have had a formal love marriage says that she did not want to get married after just falling in love. Rishi Lamichhane too supported her in this. Their mutual journey of 17 years has started. She was satisfied with her married life. Even though many mutual journeys of the cine world have not able to last for long, Sarita and Rishis’s mutual journey’s reason to last long might be the dream to live together. Sarita’s pair is an example worthy pair of Nepali cinema.
Because of disagreements, was not able to fit in Rishi’s frame:
Sarita who feels that she was born from the small screen was not able to fit in the films of director Rishi. Sarita said that since she had no interest in big screen movies, she did not act in movies of Rishi. Sarita who rejected 18 big screen movies to work in ‘Santan ko maya’ still has she same interest and love for small screen.
Life is a theater:
Sarita thinks that a life of a person is a theater. She thinks herself as a character who is entering the theater to act. A person who acts by understanding the role, their lives get much easier. But a person who do not understand their roles, their life gets hard and tough.